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I thibk that in our days to be an expert is a difficult assumption. Recently I came across this term Search Engine Optimization many times when searching for a new job position that raised so many questions in my head. It is really interesting to think you can build your own business and create content based on SEO.

I also noticed that the SEO is related to online content marketing. You need to make sure that the terms are not too popular in order to avoid confusion nor too unpopular. You have to know your clients so well, that creating content should work effortless. Experience in customer service gives you this insight.

Creating a content for marketing is not easy. In this article that I read today about social media marketing they talk about content, how you can optimise the content in order to have a good visual impact on your audience.

This term ‘audience’ is about persons and is rather complex. People interested in collaborating with you or simply customers. You need to meet their requirements and know what they want, to continue having their interest on you.


The course I finished called Learning to Write Marketing Copy the most talk was how important it is to write, edit, proofread and check the layout. The impact it can have on people who are looking for products, services online is tremendous. Your content has to have a good call to action effect if you want to be successful in your own business.

Graphs of financial analysis - Isolated

Business is the target, the medium is social media and not only. You can develop your business in other ways, but the most effective nowadays is social media marketing. So you might be one share away from growing your business.

Daily translated brainy quotes

´I work really hard at trying to see the big picture and not getting stuck in ego.´ – Ellen DeGeneres

big picture

Translation to Romanian: Muncesc foarte mult în a avea o vedere de ansamblu și să nu rămân blocat/ă in propriul ego.

Translation to Spanish: Estoy trabajando mucho en conseguir tener una perspectiva general y no quedar atascado/atascada en mi ego.

Well these words inspired me so I had to write and translate them and finally post them. Translating them in other two languages seemed a bit challenging but I like challenges so I had to do it.

Daily translated brainy quotes

“She/He remembered who she/he was and the game changed” – Lalah Deliah


Translation to Romanian: Ea/El și-a amintit cine era si jocul s-a schimbat.

Translation to Spanish: Ella/El recordo quién era y el juego cambio.

Did it ever happen to you that you were blind so much time and you forgot who you are? Well it happened to me. It is not awful when you live it, it is after the fog is cleared and you realise you were not yourself. You hate yourself for that but the only way is to forgive yourself and carry on. I believe in karma.

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Why #blogging?


I just bumped into an article that has quite the same title ‘Why do people blog?’ and then decided to write my own version of why I started blogging. The article is -> Huffpost.com

Well first and foremost because I love to write. Being a child I started writing poems in Romanian but only small ones. My father encouraged me to do as he saw I have a pleasure for writing. I don’t know how he figured that out but he is a very smart man.

So I decided that I want to voice my thoughts when I want to and have the inspiration to do it. Not always you can write or have the ability to write because you lack ideas. This is normal. I don’t worry about this. I just search online for keywords that inspire me, read some articles, post them on social media and then click I get the inspiration to start writing. As simple as it is.

In German you say ‘Übung mach der Meister’ meaning the more you practice the better you become. Therefore blogging keeps your brain active and you can practice writing and become better at it.

Many people do it for money. It is said that blogging is a way of earning money. You build a strategy plan, create a content for marketing and then having some SEO knowledge you name your posts and gain acknowledgement. Sounds easy but I incline to believe it takes time and effort. The keywords for the search engine process are the important factors.

Thank God for the ‘TAGS’. Without them our posts wouldn’t be seen or noticed. This is also one of the important factors I mentioned in the previous paragraph about the SEO and the content marketing. You got to know well your business and customers so you can start off tagging the right words for your business’s products, services etc.

All in all making a living out of writing is difficult. You need to consider more engines and processes than before. Some years ago you just needed some ideas, pen, paper and that was it. Now technology evolved and so writing/blogging had.


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#German #Language difficult?


As a native Romanian speaker I found German Grammatik to be easier than my mother tongue’s grammar. I know it is hard to believe but this is how I perceive it.

I want to show that German can be learned in an easy way by paying attention to simple facts. I always say that German is math with words not with numbers. Everyone I hear say “it is SO hard to learn” but actually it is not. I taught a few students when I was a university student and I enjoyed it.

Reading an article on Duolingo about learning German I cannot agree more with persistence. When you learn a language you need to be persistent and practice it a lot so that you get used with it. A foreign language is a tool that you can use always, is an asset. Your brain behaves and understands differently new concepts, words, meanings in other languages.

It is also said that you have to be born with the gift of languages. This is true to an extent. I know 4 languages: Romanian->my mother tongue, then started off learning German with my grandmother since childhood, English from the 5th. grade and Spanish. Spanish and English are languages that I heard at TV as a child so I was used to them when I started reading and writing in Spanish and English. Every language has its tricks when it comes to learning it.

German was and is my favourite language. There are some simple tricks about this language.

The far most important things are : READING and SPEAKING. Our brain is unique and this language proves it. This language will show you that your brain is wonderful the more you learn how to speak, pronounce in German. The best way to learn this technique is to read a lot in German, out loud if possible. If your visual memory is better than your acoustic memory then you don’t really have to read it out loud. This depends on your preference as well.

Other tricks are grammar ones. They help you differentiating the masculine, feminine and neutral nouns. Prepositions are killing me. In Romanian we use it totally different so yeah it was a pain in my arse. So if your mother tongue has Latin roots then your effort to learn German will be double. Sorry.

While living in Germany I was impressed by how many Spanish speakers traveled and tried to learn German. They succeeded but you notice their accent. Nevertheless I was truly amased.

Learning a foreign language is never easy. When I was studying my master degree I had a course named “Acquire new language” or something like that. It showed you when it was most convenient for children to acquire a new language. The statistics showed that at an early age it is the most successful, however there were exceptions of relatively elder age persons who could acquire a new language without problems. This is the reason why I said before that the gift of languages is true to an extent.


#Review: #Persuasion by Jane Austen


Reading ‘Persuasion’ by Jane Austen carries you to a perfect world where anything is possible. The woman of course suffers, but she is strong enough to carry on with her life independently of her feelings.

The characters of this novel by Jane Austen are remarkably connected between each other in a beautiful way. The events happening in their lives are so simple but unique. They meet at the perfect time in the perfect place.

The author finds the appropriate words to describe their emotions, how they interact with each other.

Their love story is one that lasts, one that you can only dream of. It is well known how Jane Austen’s love story ended. She ended being alone, without the man she loved. Thus she wrote these novels to give hope to those girls, women, that are suffering and are in the same situation as she was.

Capt. Wentworth is a handsome man, kind and self-confident. His self-confidence makes him look like an attractive man. He has a charm when he speaks. Anne is delicate and beautiful. When she speaks it is a pleasure to listen because of her strong beliefs and remarks. She thinks of men and women equally bound to fall in love and to love with passion. For her the only difference is that women love stronger ‘even after all hope is lost’. She talks of her experience in a way nobody suspects that she talks about herself. This is a sign of emotional maturity.

I imagine this novel as a continuous ongoing frame or painting. All the events lead Anne back to capt. Wentworth. The rest of the characters from this novel explain why Anne and capt. Wentworth were brought back together. If it weren’t for Henrietta Musgrove who fell in love with capt. Wentworth and made him flee to his brother, maybe he stuck to her and married her.

After finishing this novel you have to think what if Anne wouldn’t be persuaded by Mrs Russell to break up with capt. Wentworth how their life would be. This thought crosses my mind always. Maybe she would be happy or maybe she wouldn’t be as happy as she was when he asked her to marry him the second time. She felt that her heart was bumping out of her chest. This is a very strong emotion.

Another thought that crosses my mind is what if there wouldn’t be any Mrs Russell to guide Anne and teach her the good manners of women in the society in those times. Maybe Anne would be different, she would be beautiful yes for sure because she was like her mother, but her father made her feel inferior and the idea of her being introverted maybe wouldn’t attract capt. Wentworth anymore.



Daily translated brainy quotes

“A room without books is like a body without a soul.” ― Marcus Tullius Cicero


Translation to Romanian: O cameră fără cărți este ca un corp fără suflet.

Translation to Spanish: Una habitación sin libros es como un cuerpo si alma.

Imagine a room where there are no books at all. It is hard isn’t it? Well books are valuable to us. They give us emotions, experiences, imagination, understanding. We should cherish them while we still have them.